How God Used Cancer to Save Waiyee

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The Label of Uselessness

Waiyee was born with a disability and confined to a wheelchair. Not being able to walk would be hard on anyone. But it’s especially difficult in the Chinese culture, where the traditional word for disability can be translated as “useless.” Waiyee refused to accept that label. With the help of her family she worked to make an independent life for herself. But then, tragedy struck. “My dad was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer,” she says. Right then and there, the pain of this broken world hit her. “Life seemed so meaningless and I really thought about ending my life right then.” 

The Blessing of Cancer

Instead of taking her own life, Waiyee tuned into the Back to God Ministries International Chinese program, Listen to My Heart. Instantly, her attention was captured. 

She emailed our Chinese ministry producer, Laisin Cheung, and learned more about Jesus and gave her life to Him. “Waiyee’s story shows that the message of the Gospel can save someone from taking their own life,” Laisin says. “But more than that, it can save lives for eternity. That’s the reason we are laboring day and night. That’s the reason we use every possible means so that the Holy Spirit can save some (1 Corinthians 9:22).” Today Waiyee is committed to sharing the love of Jesus with as many people as she can. She’s still in her wheelchair and struggles with her health, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She is a shining light of hope in a country where only 5% of the population claim the Christian faith.  

How about you?

Will you step out in faith, believing that God will use you for His glory and the good of people all around the world? 

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