The Riskiest Day of the Week

In North America, most of us have two days off a week from work. In other countries, people are fortunate to have one day off. If you only had one day a week to do all the things you wanted – including errands and household tasks – how would you spend your day?

Our friend Wening spends it going to church. That is, when she can battle back the fear of what her employer, family, and friends would think if they ever found out.


As a maid for a Muslim family, Wening isn’t sure what her boss would do if he found out she loves Jesus. The entire country is predominantly Muslim, making her faith not only counter-cultural, but dangerous.

“Sunday is my free day,” Wening says. “These last few Sundays my employer asked me where I am going. I find it hard to make reasonable excuses so he wont know that I am going to church.”

As a former Muslim, Wening knows how Christians are viewed in her country. It isn’t pretty. She’s afraid she’ll lose her job if her employer or neighbors find out about her longing to know more about Jesus. Still, there are days when she knows it is worth the risk.

“I feel peaceful in church,” she says.

Echoes of Love

Because of your partnership with Back to God Ministries International, church isn’t the only way that Wening can grow closer to Jesus. She regularly tunes in to our TV program, Gema Kasih Indonesia (Echo of Love for Indonesia). Because she lives with her employer, it’s still risky, but it’s a risk she knows she has to take.

“Please pray for me so that I can learn more about Christ,” she pleads.

While you are praying for her, please pray for other Muslims in Indonesia and around the world who haven’t yet met Jesus. Also pray that God will open more doors in these countries so that we can continue to expand our ministry to these precious people.