Letter from Kurt Selles, Director

I am God. At the right time I’ll make it happen.” — Isaiah 60:22, MSG

“Did you read my mind in my time of need?”

This question came from a devotional reader who received a simple invitation to share a prayer request with our English ministry Prayer Team.

The truth is, God’s Word contains power. It’s relevant and it’s there for us whenever we need it. At ReFrame Ministries, we partner with people like you around the world who believe that everyone should be able to experience the hope, joy, and peace of Scripture no matter where they live.

That’s why, with your help, we share God’s Word in nearly every country in 10 major languages. This empowers people to recognize God’s presence in their lives even in the most difficult of times.

This past year many people heard the gospel message at just the right time. In hospital beds, in prison cells, and in times of isolation, people have access to God’s Word and programs that help them understand its meaning in today’s context.

As you read through this annual report, I hope you’ll see how God’s Word has led the way for people in 10 different languages. I also invite you to check out the English programs for your own spiritual growth.


Rev. Kurt Selles, Director


Kurt, left, with Rev. Arliyanus Larosa, ReFrame's Indonesian ministry leader

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Featured 2020-21 Media Outreach

Portuguese Ministry

Portuguese Ministry

ReFrame's Portuguese ministry has offered the people of Brazil, and other Portuguese speakers, the hope of the gospel with new video progams, online biblical curriculum, and audio messages. Read below for a story of how these programs reached a man named Delmo just as he needed it most.

Watch a Video Update from Rev. Lopes

A Story From the 2020-21 Ministry

Delmo April2021 Story

Good Friday Messages in a Brazilian Hospital

August 24, 2020

A couple in Brazil experienced a difficult Easter weekend but an experience with ReFrame Ministries’ Portuguese outreach improved their situation.

“We were both stricken with a new strain of COVID-19 and had to stay in the hospital,” Delmo shared a few days after Easter. “It’s just me and my wife, Márcia, so I have lived the last few days in a real valley of tears.”

Delmo has been listening to audio programs and watching videos produced by ReFrame’s Portuguese...

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More 2020-21 Media Outreach

Arabic Ministry

Arabic Ministry

Our Arabic ministry in Egypt is still in the growing process, but thanks to you, many people have already been able to access online devotionals and new, biblical videos over the past year. Pray for the ministry to continue to grow throughout Egypt and the Middle East. Pray for people like Samir, Mervat, and Rima who are reading our devotionals faithfully.

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Chinese Ministry

Chinese Ministry

Shushu was reading our Chinese ministry’s newest published collection of testimonies. She saw the book as a way to encourage her non-Christian friends who were struggling with the pressures of their studies.

“Getting into university can be one of our goals in life, but it should never be the ultimate goal,” Shushu shared, “because it cannot give you God’ true and ultimate joy, peace and hope.”

See a Video Produced by our Chinese Ministry Team
English Ministry

English Ministry

Our Groundwork listeners dug into God’s Word with a new co-host, Rev. Darrell Delaney.

You also helped us reach people who were suffering at home through programs like Family Fire. Maureen was struggling after getting out of a toxic relationship. Family Fire staff offered her Bible verses and counseled her at just the right time. “Thank you for sending the verses,” Maureen wrote. “Thank you for caring. I hope and want to be free from this anxiety and fear.”

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French Ministry

French Ministry

As French programs in West Africa gain popularity, so too has the need for follow-up and discipleship. Your gifts allowed our ministry partners in Burkina Faso to hire additional regional staff who could respond to people like Ablasse.

Ablasse is a leader in his mosque, but both he and his wife have been listening to our radio programs in secret. Touched by the hopeful messages, they asked for visits from our follow-up staff earlier this year and we continue to pray for them as they learn more about Christ.

Watch a Video Testimony from a Muslim convert in Burkina Faso
Hindi Ministry

Hindi Ministry

Manoj stopped listening to our Hindi radio programs awhile back. This year, he tuned back in and was happy to learn that he could also chat with our producers on India’s most popular phone application.

“As I listened again, I felt all my burdens and guilt lift out of my heart. The Lord’s peace and joy began overflowing in my life.”

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Indonesian Ministry

Indonesian Ministry

With your help, our partners in Indonesia produce 19 different video programs for Indonesian speakers. Eny especially enjoys our Indonesian ministry’s new five-minute devotional videos.

"Thank you so much for your words and prayers," shared Eny, "I now start my mornings each day with your videos. God bless all of you."

Watch a Music Video from our Indonesian Ministry Team

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Japanese Ministry

Japanese Ministry

Our web messages and radio sermons encouraged healthcare workers like Momoru to see how God has called him to serve in a hospital during the worst pandemic of our lifetime.

“I often asked myself ‘why am I even doing this’,” Momoru admitted. “But the Word teaches me how to spend each day.”

Watch a Video update from our Japanese Ministry Leader
Russian Ministry

Russian Ministry

As a professional athlete in Russia, Natasha was physically attractive and wealthy. But COVID-19 made her earthly wealth begin to feel trivial. She began to spend more time online, and so did our Russian ministry team.

“Natasha was suffering from anxiety when she contacted us,” said Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, our Russian ministry leader. “Our follow-up staff shared with her that although the uncertainty of COVID-19 fuels anxiety, we can be certain about our standing with God.”

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Watch a Russian Ministry Conference in Ukraine
Spanish Ministry

Spanish Ministry

Janeth spent the beginning of 2021 grieving the loss of her mother-in-law. While grieving, Janeth has also been reading our Spanish Cada Dia devotionals.

"We knew each other for 28 years," she explained. "It's painful, but I know that in Christ's victory, she is in a better place." Thank you for providing devotionals like the one Janeth read and other biblical resources to people in Mexico and throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

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2020-21 Financial Information

2020-21 Financial Information

When this fiscal year began on July 1, 2020, the whole world was facing great uncertainty due to COVID-19. Most churches were not able to meet in person and many people had lost their jobs or experienced reductions in income. As a ministry we prepared by reducing expenses where we could without reducing our ministry programming because all around the world more people than ever were accessing our biblical media resources.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, ReFrame experienced the certainty of God’s enduring faithfulness. Through generous and faithful donors like you, God provided the financial resources to fully fund all ministry activities. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we actually saw an increase in giving from individual partners like you. And we were especially encouraged to see the strongest growth in many years of the number of new donors joining the work that God is doing through ReFrame Ministries.

2020-21 Expenses and Revenue Report

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