Be a part of bringing people back to Jesus

Do you know anyone who has walked away from the Christian faith? With challenges and distractions all around us, it can be easy to lose focus and walk away from Jesus.

God gave everyone gifts that He wants us to use for our careers and relationships with others, but when we pour too much energy into these things, we can lose sight of our relationship with Jesus. There are many people just like Emily who have stopped building their lives around God.

You might be feeling the same hopelessness that Emily’s parents did and you might feel like giving up because you can’t see any change.

At Back To God Ministries International, we use God’s story to reframe lives all around the world. We use relevant media to share the Gospel and bring people back to Jesus, meeting them wherever they are at in their faith.

Our English ministry, ReFrame Media, produces content that introduces the Gospel and takes people deeper into a relationship with Him. This includes Today, the same devotional that Emily read.

It is through your generous support that makes it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to read Today. Your gifts are sending God’s Word to people everywhere—even in prisons, retirement communities, and hospitals.

You can be a part of bringing people back to Jesus in your community and all over the world!

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