As you navigate this time of anxiousness and the unknown, it is our prayer that these resources from our English ministry team will bring peace to your life and to the lives of your loved ones. Know also that ReFrame's international ministries are providing similar content in nine other languages for believers and seekers around the world who are also struggling.

For Personal Devotionals and Bible Studies

Groundwork is an excellent resource for people who can’t gather in person for church or Bible study. Groups can listen together or individually to Groundwork episodes and then gather via phone, video, or e-mail to work through Groundwork’s episode discussion guides.

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Available on your favorite podcast player and Think Christian's website, the episode “Contagious Comfort,” discusses artists and entertainers like Stephen Colbert and John Legend who are offering “at-home” shows and concerts. We’ll discuss how this models the communal assurance Paul speaks of—and calls Christians to practice—in 2 Corinthians 1: 3-7.

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Are the circumstances of your life feeling overwhelming? Consider the action that God calls us take through all of the challenges that we face in life.

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Today’s daily devotions offer a foundational and life-giving routine during this crisis. We will also offer readers “Our Only Comfort,” a Today devotional series for hard times.

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As streaming of music, television, and movies are surging during stay-at-home mandates, Think Christian’s archive of articles is a great resource for youth groups, families, and individuals looking to think Christianly and grow spiritually through reflecting on the pop culture they engage. In response to the surge in online streaming of the movie Contagion, Think Christian published a new article linked below.

Read "Watching Contagion, Reading Psalm 91."

Groundwork’sWords of Comfort” series will help those who are struggling with anxiety, fear, and isolation.

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The indie musician’s electronic album functions as a sci-fi score for our present impasse.

Read "Aporia: Sufjan Stevens' Coronavirus Soundtrack"

The reunion special reminded us that connection — both emotional and spiritual — is still possible amidst COVID-19.

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By offering cheer amidst COVID-19, Some Good News reminds us that darkness has always been met by Christian hope.

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For Church Communicators

Church Juice is publishing weekly articles equipping churches with tips and resources about how churches should respond to Coronavirus, including best practices for moving ministry completely online. In the next few weeks, we will be publishing articles focused on equipping churches to make the most of celebrating an all online Easter.

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During the COVID-19 crisis, Church Juice is hosting a daily Zoom call with pastors and church communicators to brainstorm, answer questions, provide resources, and pray. Daily links are added to Church Juice's private Facebook group.

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Every church is navigating uncharted waters right now. Pastors are learning to stream their sermons online. Worship leaders are figuring out how to help people worship well virtually. Church members are adjusting to being the Church without being in the church building.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many are asking where God is, if he's punishing us for sin, or if it's a sign of the End Times. Hear a word of caution and find out what we know for sure.

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For Families

With the COVID-19 work-from-home reality and school closures, Kids Corner wants to help during this difficult time. Please check out our free podcasts and downloadable activities.

Resources to Entertain Kids and Build Faith at Home

Are you wondering how to navigate being sequestered at home with your family? Shift your focus from fear to faith with our helpful free resources.

Read "Stuck Inside? Make the Most of Your Unexpected Family Time"

We need to talk honestly with our children about the reality of COVID-19 and help them gain perspective about the situation.

Read "Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus"

As families experience more time together there is a likelihood of needing resources for healing relationships. Family Fire has several helpful e-book resources available under the resources tab on the website for helping parents discipline and for assisting couples in navigating conflict.

ebook resources from Family Fire

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the losses of this challenging season? Choose to focus instead on all the things you can keep doing to restore your hope.

Read "Things to Keep Doing While Under Self-Isolation