Christmas Culture Around the World

​Because our ministry leaders are native to the culture and live in community among the people they are sharing the Gospel with, they recognize the unique challenges each culture faces. This Christmas, with your support we’ll be able to address those cultural issues while pointing to the real reason for the holiday – the birth of Jesus Christ.

Russian Flag

In spite of Russia’s more recent communism and atheism, the nation has a rich tradition steeped in Christian culture. To help people see that Jesus is greater than any tradition, we are planning to produce Gospel-focused, Christmas video messages to be shown on local satellite TV stations.

Japanese Flag

Because more than 98% of the people in Japan are not Christians, we have found that listener events are the safest and most effective way for seekers to learn about God and His Word. We are planning a Christmas Open House where believers can invite their friends to hear about Jesus in a non-threatening atmosphere. 

Chinese Flag

In China, Christmas is about the magical power of love and peace, but that love and peace has nothing to do with Jesus. That’s why we are working on a Gospel booklet to help seekers understand that true love and peace are only possible in Jesus Christ. The booklet will be written in Chinese and distributed to some of the 304,000 Chinese students who are studying higher education in North America. By reaching these students, who will go back to China when their studies are complete, we have the opportunity to make an impact on an entire country.