FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, Vitorio, who lives in Brazil, woke up with one purpose: to drink and snort his pain away. Addicted to vodka and cocaine, his life was empty and he felt worthless

He tried to kick his addiction, but he always fell headfirst back into it. That is, until God used the internet and the support of friends like you to speak to him. 

“From the time I started to listen to your messages and worship songs, they had a huge impact in my heart.”

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One day, while scrolling through Facebook, Vitorio saw a post about ReFrame Ministries’s Portuguese ministry and began watching Verdade e Vida (Truth and Life) online.

“With this message, I found the strength to walk with Jesus Christ,” Vitorio says. “My heart was opened to hear the Word.” 

In that moment, Vitorio’s life turned upside down in the best possible way. He couldn’t be more thankful.

“From the time I started to listen to the messages and worship songs, they had a huge impact in my heart,” Vitorio says.

“I was able to return to the Lord’s path and now I am free! I did not even need to be under a dependency treatment,” he says. “May all the glory and honor be to our Lord Jesus.”

Vitorio’s gratitude isn’t something he celebrates once a year, or even once a week. Every single day he is overwhelmed by the new life God has given him.

Thankfulness Leads to Action

“I feel strengthened without any desire to turn back. Rather, I want to look ahead,” he says.

For Vitorio, part of looking ahead is sharing his story of gratitude with others. “I want to talk to everyone facing these same issues. I want to encourage them to bow down before our Lord with open hearts and confidence.”

If it weren’t for the gifts and support of compassionate brothers and sisters like you, Vitorio may still be searching for meaning at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Instead, he can’t stop giving praise and thanking God and people like you for giving him a whole new life.

“Thank you for your program,” Vitorio says. “May it continue to be broadcast.”